Our First Week

Our first week was nothing like I expected!

Our first day was awful. I had planned to wake up early, take her to the literacy centre to play for the morning, take some “first day of school” photos, do school at Meemaw’s house to make it special… it did not work out as planned. We woke up (late) to the sound of our carbon monoxide detector. So, I called the fire department and they told us we needed to wait outside in the rain until they got to us. So I threw whatever clothes fit onto the kids and ran outside (so much for pictures). The fire men were great, we only needed a new unit, we were safe. Great! So we headed to the literacy centre an hour and a half late. After a little time there, we went to Meemaw’s. Bruce was exhausted from the whole day and cried the entire time we were trying to work. Ellie was stressed from all the crying and chaos and wouldn’t work. It was awful!

So, when day two rolled around, I wasn’t feeling very confident. We stayed home, we did all our work while Bruce was sleeping. There was a little bit of stress over the work but it was generally okay.

Then something great happened on the third day. I relaxed. We did a piece of work here, had some play time, another piece of work there, some more play time… It was great. And then it happened. Ellie started asking questions.

This week we’re reading Me on the Map and How to Make an Apple Pie and See the World. We we reading Apple Pie and Ellie asked “What’s wheat?” So, we googled wheat. “What’s Europe?” So, we pulled out a map and found Europe. “What’s Italian?” So, we watched some videos on speaking Italian.

IMG_20150915_135316         IMG_20150915_135414
She was really learning! It happened!

I’m not going to be a total failure! My daughter will know things! Haha.

Here are some Highlights from this week


Playing at the Literacy Centre


Self-Portrait (They’re freckles, lol)

Starting Swimming Lessons!

Starting Swimming Lessons!


Painting (Elsa) during a break


Starting Dance Class!


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