Another Bump in the Road (The Co-op Drop-outs)

There aren’t a ton of homeschool resources in my city, so I was extremely excited to come across a Homeschool Co-op that started late last year. I very enthusiastically joined the group, went to the parent’s meeting, and jumped into the role of planning the monthly field trips. I felt like I was a legitimate homeschooler being in a co-op.

We were all ready for our first day of co-op. We took pictures, we sang songs on the bus ride there…

So excited for co-op!

So excited for co-op!

We sorely underestimated the fury of my 15 month old son. The hour bus ride in set him into a mood.

So while I was getting pictures like this:

12006614_10153173464758753_8644889226781212530_o                             12031385_10153173464458753_1160398836355025233_o

Mr Bruce was running away, going limp on the floor crying and throwing toys.

Until he passed out on the floor.


I had to wake him up about 10 minutes later to catch the bus home, where he continued his performance.

It. Was. Awful.

I had to send an email to the coordinator telling her we had to bow out until Bruce was a little older and to give up my field trip planning. She was very graceful and said we were still more than welcome to come on the field trips. So, here’s hoping Bruce handles once a month better!


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