My Little Pony School

Going into week 2 of homeschool, I noticed that Ellie wasn’t interested at all in the curriculum. I would read her stories and nothing was retained. I would do activities and she wouldn’t be into it. It was extremely frustrating.

I was talking to my husband about it and we both agreed that the only things we retained were the things we were interested in. The rest of the time we would just memorize what we needed to in order to pass the test and then forget it all.

So, I started watching Ellie. What does she like to do? What is she interested in? What will keep her attention? I came up with two answers. Painting and My Little Pony.

First I decided to apply the painting because I had no idea how I could possibly teach with My Little Pony.

Ellie would have a meltdown every time I gave her work books to practice writing her letters and numbers. If they didn’t look exactly like the picture, she would get extremely frustrated and shut down. Not good. So, I decided to look at it from what interests her.

“Ellie, would you like to paint the numbers?”



That was enough for me. There was no fighting. She was really learning and she thought it was fun.

I got right to work researching My Little Pony worksheets and unit studies and came across this MLP Printable Pack from 1 + 1 + 1 equals 1. Ellie went nuts. She was jumping up and down with excitement over doing “My Little Pony School”.

12010499_10153178348343753_3001631651216014618_o           12022530_10153180015003753_9050513515199699547_o


Then I found this tutorial on how to draw Twilight Sparkle from Art for Kids Hub. She spent over 40 minutes working on it and is extremely proud of it.


And my personal favourite, we were looking up pictures of MLP characters and came across this amazing MLP Anatomy Page! Ellie was ecstatic. She spent the afternoon trying to copy the skeletal system and we had some fun talks about anatomy.


I’m so so excited about the response I got this week. I’ve been looking a little more into interest based learning because of our success this last week and it seems like it could be a great fit for us.


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